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Sliding Tarp for Drop Deck Trailers

For Drop Deck Trailers

"Maximize Your Load Covering Versatility

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Sliding Tarp for Drop Deck Trailers

Today a Drop Deck... Tomorrow a Specialized Van!

Features /Advantages / Benefits
The LOOK® Sliding Tarpaulin System, available in (2) distinctive models, maximizes your load versatility by converting your drop deck trailer into a convertible van trailer providing customers with load covering protection, and keeping drivers safe and free from injury. Today's transportation industry demands fleets to provide the most suitable equipment at a moments notice allowing customers to ship over sized products with confidence and security. Only The LOOK® Sliding Tarpaulin System" guarantees our customers years of trouble free operation while ensuring the lowest maintenance over the life of the system.

Sliding Tarp for Drop Deck TrailersSliding Tarp for Drop Deck Trailers

Single Transition System - STS-1
The STS-1system is a very popular model as it offers versatility at a more economical cost compared to the DTS-2 system. This system allows for the front upper deck to be unlocked and slide to the rear by means of a "Piggy-Back" system exposing the entire upper and 3/4's of the lower deck for loading access.

The same system slides from the rear of the lower deck towards the front of the trailer, remaining on the lower deck exposing the back for load access.

Sliding Tarp for Drop Deck Trailers

Dual Transition System - DTS-2
The DTS-2 systems are the most versatile models to ever offer ground loading covering by a single operator without ever having to get up on the deck of the trailer. With engineered extended lower car plates equipped with upper and lower wheels the tarp system is fully functional to travel the full length of the trailer in either direction allowing full upper and lower deck loading access.

The DTS-2 is the most durable system built for long hauls without worry of open road fatigue. If your fleet does not own a DTS-2 system then you're just not maximizing your full potential to supply versatile load covering for your customers.

Sliding Tarp for Drop Deck Trailers

Sliding Tarp for Drop Deck TrailersSliding Tarp for Drop Deck Trailers

Warranty & Maintenance:

You will have to purchase The LOOK® to experience the full impact of why fleets are switching to the best built system in the world. Only The LOOK® guarantees the lowest maintenance in the industry over any other system while providing the highest residual value over 10 years.


What's stopping you from making the only decision that makes sense .....
The LOOK® Sliding Tarpaulin System - "Best Value Guaranteed"

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