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Dedicated Dome Roof Sliding Systems for Steel Haulers

  • 48ft system w/ BH & Nose Cone weighs only 1400 LBS
  • Add 2" Lightbar with Mirror Stainless Steel & 24 lights / side 140 LBS

  • Video for Slidekit
    Steel Hauler's Dome
    Top Sliding System

    Loc'N-Load Rear
    Tensioning Mechanism

    Lower Intermediate
    Tarp Panel Securement

    Lower Front & Rear Tarp
    Panel Securement

    48ft System Weight w/ BH & Windmaster Bull Nose Fairing....1400 lbs

    Click Here
    for Wind Drag Results!
    Wind Drag Results! LCS Dome ROOF ROLL TOP compared to any flat top with flat front BH is CFD tested to reduce wind drag by 11.80% and 5.90% Click Here (Adobe .pdf)

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    A "SIDE KIT" on wheels designed for the Steel Hauling Industry.
    Aerodynamic - Fuel Efficient - Economical
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